Training & Capacity Building

  • Operation and maintenance of Hydro Power Substations and lines w.r.t Hydro, Transmission & Distribution Sectors.
  • Power Trading and Regulatory Issues.
  • Electricity Act, 2003, Legal disputes and their management.
  • Operation and Maintenance of 400 KV, 220 KV, 132 KV & 33 KV Substations & Lines.
  • Condition Monitoring of EHV Transformers.
  • Reduction in Distribution Transformer failures and remedial measures.
  • Efficiency Improvement in Distribution System and reduction of Transmission losses including Demand Side Management and Metering Efficiency.
  • Project Management including Bar Chart, PERT CPM, M.S. Project etc.
  • Procurement procedures, issues and Material Management.
  • Quality Assurances and Total Quality Management.
  • Communication Basics, Organizational Communication & Grievance Handling.
  • Customer Relationship Management, Customer Behavior & Handling Customers.
  • Leadership & Employee Morale.
  • Training for various technician grades in Safety, Fire Fighting, New techniques and Quality assurance.

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